What type of resume do you need?

If you are unsure of the type of resume you need, we can discuss your career goals during a free consultation. Have an existing resume? I am happy to review your existing resume and give you actionable feedback. If you simply need your resume freshened up, I can help with that, too.

01 Cover Letters


Cover Letters add a personal touch to your resume and many organizations require them as part of the application process. 

02 Standard Resumes


Standard Resumes are typically 1-2 pages. 

03 Transition Resume

Senior Architect

Transitioning from active duty? I can translate your military service. 

04 Federal Resume

Senior Strategist

Effective Federal Resumes are longer and formatted differently than any other type of resume. I am up-to-date on requirements and trends.

05 Curriculum Vitae

Senior Strategist

While other resumes are competency-based, showcasing your professional accomplishments, curriculum vitae are credential-based. This format is recommended for academia, scientific research, and some medical positions.

06 Editing/Formatting

Senior Strategist

If your existing resume simply needs a facelift, this option is for you. I will review your resume and determine how much editing is necessary.

07 LinkedIn Content

Senior Strategist

Networking is essential to your success. I can market your LinkedIn profile to increase your connections.

08 Packages

Senior Strategist

Ask me about package deals to save money on multiple products.

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